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Home-made cooking & a sexy menu designed to create a unique moment of sharing. Choose and savor together flavors from elsewhere. 

Vegetarian or food porn lover? Everything has been designed for you to be as close as possible to your choices, your desires, your values.. 

Are you ready?


Angel x Healthy & Vegetarian

Veggie Gyozas 6€

Japanese dumplings by the Tang Brothers. (x5)

Burrata di Bufala 9€

Whole burrata, to savor with passion and a spoon.

Beautiful & Mouthwatering 9€

AGrilled aubergine (eggplant).

Market fresh, autumn vegetables 9€

Carrots, cabbage pak choi and pepper artichoke.

Blowtorch grilled cauliflower 7€

With a little killer sauce.

The incredible fennel, and yes, it is possible... 8€

In all of its beautiful forms.


Demon x Food Porn

Little Korean fried chicken 9€

Haig Club whisky based sauce. (x4)

Shaved ham & Truffle gouda 7€

Simple pleasures, yet delightfully addictive.

Marinated beef tataki 12€

Beef, coriander, and lemongrass.

Duo Gua Bao 13€

With candied pulled pork, cucumber, carrot & peanuts. (x2)

Sexy Salmon Sashimi. 10€

Crunchy croquettes. 8€

Cod accras with black mayonnaise. (x4)

The famous NYC hot dog. 10€

Beef sausage, pickles, fried onions, ketchup & mustard.


The unspeakable brunch. 1

Avocado toast / scrambled eggs & truffle oil / pancake with maple syrup / mini chocolate cake & yogurt with granola. 17€

(Excluding drinks)

The unmentionable brunch. 2

Norwegian smoked salmon slices / two eggs benedict with bacon / banana pancakes with nutella / yogurt with red fruit. 24€

(Excluding drinks)


Pleasure, at all levels:

100% home-made cuisine, a unique selection of organic and quality products designed for pleasure while taking care of yourself. Cuisine for everyone! Whatever your values or your mood, everything has been imagined for you. Vegetarian or not, you are at home.

If you prefer 100% healthy cuisine or on the contrary, 100% food porn, it's your choice. It will be our secret.

Don't compromise !

An invitation to be yourself, without compromising.


Quality without breaking the bank:

No imposed menu, you choose according to your wishes and your budget. At Inavoué, there is no difference, we want to offer you all the best possible value for your money and we fight every day for this. Yes, you are going to taste healthy and beautiful cuisine, a stone's throw from Place Vendôme, on a beautiful marble table, without worrying about your credit card limit. Exciting, isn't it? Indulge body and mind without feeling guilty, without calculating.

Engaged cuisine:

Live the moment while building tomorrow.
Because for us it is not only about catering to you, we desire and are committed to you but also to the planet so that our cuisine is healthy and respectful of the environment. Our mission: to be ever more united and sustainable. Simply.



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